DISCUSSION: Extreme Cold or Extreme Heat?

Which side of the spectrum would you rather deal with?

Newsflash ... it's cold outside!

Yes, the area woke up to frosty temperatuers hovering near the 0 degree mark this morning and according to WHDH, we can expect to be in the deep freeze for quite a while.

On the Sudbury Patch Facebook page, we asked which do you prefer: extreme cold or extreme heat. Here are some of the responses:

  • Tammy Avery Gibson — Cold! It doesn't get that hot!
  • Khaled Hazazi — Coooooold
  • Denise A Girard — Extreme heat
  • Gill Emery — Cold!

So now lets pass along the question here.

Tell us in the comments section below whether you would rather deal with extreme cold or extreme heat.


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