Lost Dog Has Been Spotted in Sudbury and Acton

Bridgett, a husky, disappeared 13 months ago from her Littleton home.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The following was submitted by Pat Panek.)

Bridgett has been missing from Littleton, MA for 13 months now. She seems to have established a territory, but we aren't entirely sure that we know the scope of it.  

Bridgett dug under our fence on Nov. 27, 2011. She was spooked by a noise and took off into the fog.  Being a husky, she can run for long distances.  

Beginning in January of 2012, I started receiving calls from people in S. Acton. Sure enough, we were later able to confirm that all of those sightings were, indeed, Bridgett. Most of the sightings were around Pratt's Brook Conservation Area, so we concentrated our efforts there.  

But then the calls came from W. Concord, N. Sudbury, and Maynard. That is still true to this day. 

Last night see was spotted on 117 near Rt. 27.  In the last month, she has been seen several times on 117 in N. Sudbury near the Fire Dept. and Sierra's restaurant. This is all very close to her hot zone. In fact, we have extended her hot zone to include 117 down to the fire station.

She has been seen and scent tracked in W. Concord not far from where Sudbury juts in there behind Maynard Paint Ball Club.  She is in your town, but I want her back in mine.

What is needed now are more sightings calls, and timely ones. Sometimes, I get calls weeks afterwards. While that is information, and it's appreciated, it's really too late to investigate.  If I get enough accurate sightings calls, I can justify calling in the tracking dogs again (not cheap).  They have been up here three times since May of last year.

I would like people to call if they see a dog/wolf/coyote. There are no wolves in MA, but she does have a wolf-like look to her. Even if people aren't sure it's Bridgett, but think it might be, they can call or text me at 978-853-4087.  

Programming this number into their phones would make it easy to call when the sighting is occurring.

Please do not call her name or give chase.  That could scare her out of the area for good.  If possible take a picture with your phone and keep her in sight, and a distance, to note direction of travel.  

If we can get information where she enters and exits the woods, that would be so helpful.  If someone happens to be on foot when they see her, it's best to get down close to the ground and turn their side or back towards her.  

If they have food, they can lob it gently in her direction, but no eye contact or quick movements. She is up to date on her shots and is NOT aggressive.
Bridgett is not trusting of people.  Her early history was as a puppy mill mama down south.  

While not aggressive, she isn't all waggy tailed and approachable.  She will run.

I am including some photos/lost posters along with my thanks.


KarenL January 04, 2013 at 08:41 PM
Thanks for the information so we know what to do Pat.


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