Residents Invited to View Historic Sudbury Chapel Celebrating 100th Anniversary

An anniversary event is scheduled for Sunday from 1-3 p.m.

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo
Plenty has changed over the last century. This weekend, however, Sudbury residents will get to see first hand something that has been around for that long.

St. Elizabeth's Church is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its historic chapel by hosting an open house on Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.

The chapel was designed and built by Sudbury resident Ralph Adams Cram, who at the time lived in the house next door to the chapel.

A well-known architect, Cram designed more than 500 buildings and other structures. Among Cram's projects was both of the Cape Cod Canal bridges.

Sunday's open house will begin at the St. Elizabeth's parish house, where guests will see a short film on the history of the chapel, a timeline of photographic sketches, and artifacts on display.

Guided walking tours will then leave from the church to the stone chapel. While at the church, residents will learn about the construction of the chapel, and the origins of the stained glass, ironwork and artifacts.

Parking will be available at the St. Elizabeth's Church for the open house. A walking path connects to church and the chapel.

For more information residents can contact the St. Elizabeth's church offices at (978) 443-6035 or visit their website at www.st-elizabeths.org.


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