Residents Reminded of Upcoming Street Sweeping

Street sweepers will be on the roads on April 28.

Street sweeping takes place April 28. (File Photo)
Street sweeping takes place April 28. (File Photo)
Sudbury residents are reminded to be on the lookout for street sweepers, which will be on the roads in just over a week.

Street sweeping will take place on Monday, April 28, in town and it will take between six to eight weeks based on the weather, according to the town website.

"The Highway Department would like to remind homeowners who are doing yard work that the machines cannot pick up heavy piles of sand," the town said. "We appreciate your help to make sure everything will go smoothly again this year.

Sweepers will being their work in north Sudbury before making their way south. Every street in town will be swept in the upcoming weeks.


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