You Asked, Patch Answered

Today we delve into the town's population and its increase over the past 30 years.

Chuck Casto recently reached out to Sudbury Patch via its Facebook page to give us this week's question:

How many people currently live in Sudbury and how much has the population increased over the past 30 years?

According to the Town of Sudbury website, 18,103 people live in town, which was settled in 1638 and incorporated in 1639.

In regards to the population increase, the town says the current population of Sudbury is 10 times larger than it was in 1940 when the federal census found 1,754 residents. Sudbury's population roughly tripled in the 1950s and then roughly doubled in the 1960s. The explosive growth in population has turned most farmlands into sites for private homes.

In 1980, the town's population was estimated at 14,027, according to the United States Census.

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