Bites Nearby: Dairy Joy

This week's bite is in Weston.

Weston's is much more than ice cream and not to be mistaken for a Dairy Queen.  offers organic ice cream, burgers and dogs. 

What to order: Ice cream and burgers aside, I'd say you have to try their sweet potato fries.

Cool Factor: is a great spot for kids and adults alike to have a quick stop for some ice cream or burgers.

pmotw July 15, 2012 at 03:09 PM
I would take my family to Dairy Joy more often if they had regular ice cream, sugar cones and if their prices were not so high. No wonder why they have an ATM now. From the complaints I recently heard from other customers, I don't think they have too much repeat business. My guess is they always appear busy because most of the business is one time customers driving west from the cities.


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