NSTAR Announces 'Major Upgrades' to Electric Service in Sudbury

The company is adding and replacing equipment to supplement the 115,000 volt power supply at its substation.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
NSTAR announced this week that it will be making changes to its equipment that will improve the reliability of electric service in Sudbury.

The organization said that as a part of its "commitment to providing reliable electric service," it will upgrade systems during work that NSTAR anticipates will continue through December 2015.

Work began in the spring to kick off the muli-step project at the company's Sudbury substation.

During early phases, NSTAR said it will add and replace equipment to supplement the 115,000 volt power supply that currently runs to its substation, while also upgrading transmission structures.

In September, an additional source of power will be brought into the substation by tapping into a 230,000 volt power line that the company said currently passes overhead.

NSTAR said all work will be contained within the company's property and easement areas.

As a part of NSTAR's work with the Town of Sudbury, land on Lincoln Lane has been donated to be used as conservation land, according to the NSTAR announcement.

"NSTAR is committed to delivering safe and reliable service to our customers," said NSTAR Community Relations Representative JoAnne O'Leary. "The upgrade project in Sudbury will ensure we will continue to be able to provide local residents with a reliable, abundant supply of electricity."
Nathaniel Fridman July 17, 2014 at 07:00 AM
Nstar is the only supplier and they can shut off anybody during the winter as of last year. Now they can threaten anybody with monthly shutoff as they feel like it. Plus you are charged when there is a so called shortage of oil or gas like last winter of price spikes. It is only a feel good article but in reality Nstar does not care about you only the money.


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