Letter to the Editor: Gun Laws Need to Change

A letter to the editor from Kendall Hope Tucker.

Dear Senator-elect Warren,

I know that you, like all Americans, are grieving after this week's  I myself am overwhelmed with sadness at yet another senseless shooting. Beyond these feelings of grief, I am also overwhelmed by the feeling that, as soon as this horrible tragedy leaves the headlines, once again our nation will carry on with the same gun laws that allow deadly weapons to fall into the hands of the mentally ill. 

Every time one of these horrendous incidents occurs, we hear talk about how things need to change, but nothing ever happens. I understand how difficult this issue is politically. That is why I have chosen to write to you. You were just chosen to represent Massachusetts after a ground-breaking election. You have a mandate to go into the Senate and to fight to protect your constituents and Americans nation-wide. If anyone is positioned to be a leader on this issue, it is you.

You made Massachusetts families the focus of your campaign. As today's heartwrenching tragedy has demonstrated yet again, the biggest threat to families and public safety are lax gun laws. 

Our nation is suffering and we are in need of your courageous leadership. Someday soon I hope to look back on this moment and to realize that we are living in a safer country thanks to brave leaders like yourself who stood up against violence. We elected you to fight for all of our families and history will judge whether you do so in this moment. 

Kendall Hope Tucker
Old County Road, Sudbury
Columbia University, 2014

Ramuel M. Raagas December 19, 2012 at 03:12 AM
Kendall should have also addressed our sitting United States Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown, too. Kendall is wrong in blaming law for landing the deadly guns into a mentally ill criminal. The guns were registered to the mother, a victim of her mentally ill murderer/homicidal son. Our gun laws had the guns registered to the mother, not to the shooter-killer. The selectman in a neighboring town, Selectman Dennis Giombetti tonight formally motioned and actioned against gun violence. We observed a moment of silence in the Ablondi Room in respect of the Newtown tragedy.


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