No. 2 Story of the Year: Daughter Stops Parents From Leaving

A look back at what made news in Sudbury in 2012.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Top 5 stories, which will run from Dec. 17-21, were based on total page views as of Dec. 10.)

It's hard to tell what stories will go viral. But it's safe to say few could have predicted this small police log item would do just that.

On July 9, it was reported a Sudbury girl was upset about her parents leaving her at home so they enjoy a night out.

So what did she do?

The daughter decided to lie down behind their car, preventing them from leaving. The parents told the responding officers their daughter refused to move.

Peace was restored.

The story garnered more than 10,000 page views in one week, and as of Dec. 10 has racked up 11,549 page views ... easily the most-read, single story on Sudbury Patch in 2012.

(Original story: Sudbury Girl Lies Down Behind Car to Prevent Parents from Leaving.)


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