Sudbury Storm Center: 1-Hour Delay for SPS on Monday

Stay up to date with this weekend's snowstorm.


A parent just alerted me that SPS will have a 1-hour delay tomorrow.


Some clarification from Scott Carpenter: We are shut down for snow removal today and tonight. We hope to be ready for tomorrow.


Evening activities at L-S for today are postponed (WHDH)


Sudbury PD reports no storm-related emergencies.


Bruins game has been canceled. http://bruins.nhl.com/


Statewide travel ban ending at 4 p.m. according to multiple reports.


Monday rain could put more weight on snow laden roofs.


Just a reminder driving ban still in effect.


The National Weather Service has lifted the blizzard warning for Middlesex County, 18 to 24 inches dumped during the storm.


Just spoke with Sudbury Police Sgt. Nathan Hagglund who provided this report from the overnight hours:

"We had three medicals calls. We had difficulty getting there, but everyone was able to get to the patients. The roads were treacherous.

"There are no road closures. I took a quick ride this morning, and the main roads are OK. Most of the side roads are in pretty tough shape.

"We've had no real power issues."


Power outage update from NSTAR -- if these are your neighbors check on their safety.

NSTAR Customers Served: 6841 NSTAR Customers Affected: 2 % of NSTAR Customers Affected: 0.03


Good morning, as you are waking up to 22.5 inches of snow, according to Harvey Leonard.

Some updates:

  • The statewide travel ban is still in effect.  
  • NECN is reporting that MBTA service will not be restored today. The goal is Monday. (they will be evaluating later today)


A few more inch counts from earlier on Facebook:

  • Kate Mogavero Mullaney We have a good 6"(about an hour ago )
  • Chuck Casto We have at least eight in W. Sudbury. The plow just came through an hour ago for the third time and there's at least two inches on the road now (about an hour ago )


Big thank you to these residents with the snow total updates on our Facebook page:

  • Berkeley O'Keefe We have six on the Sudbury/Wayland line!
  • Melissa Gough Just measured 6 in our front yard.
  • Deanna Morrow Griffin 5 1/2 inches south Sudbury.


Report from Ch. 4 says 4 inches in Sudbury


Report from Ch. 7 says about 3 inches on the ground as of 5:30


According to NSTAR's power outage map some Sudbury residents have been affected.


From Buddy Dog Humane Society: The shelter will be CLOSED today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday). Sunday hours are TBA, so please call or check our Facebook page before visiting on Sunday. The shelter is prepared for the weather, and our dogs and cats will be cozy and safe through the storm. Please keep your pets and yourselves safe! For more information, please call or email the shelter, we will be taking calls and answering emails as much as we are able. (978) 443-6990 or info@buddydoghs.com.


Logan's last departure is at 3 p.m., closed until Sunday


Mass Pike tolls closing at 2 p.m.


Governor Patrick: "I have signed an executive order banning vehicle traffic effective at 4pm today."


Sudbury PD has issued a link to a Google map for impending road closures due to the blizzard: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=214753265992262468944.000481f41a693a5943dbb&msa=0


Fairbank Community Center will open for shelter at 2 p.m. ... According to Lt. Grady, the PD is in position to effectively respond to emergencies during the blizzard.


Are you ready for 3 feet?!? This is from the NWS:

  • Today Snow. High near 32. East wind 13 to 18 mph, with gusts as high as 31 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Total daytime snow accumulation of 3 to 7 inches possible.
  • Tonight Snow. The snow could be heavy at times. Low around 21. Windy, with a northeast wind 20 to 28 mph, with gusts as high as 60 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 14 to 20 inches possible.
  • Saturday Snow, mainly before 1pm. The snow could be heavy at times. High near 23. Windy, with a north wind 18 to 28 mph, with gusts as high as 55 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 7 to 11 inches possible.


Information on Town Closures and Programs During Blizzard

I am sure everyone has heard that the upcoming blizzard has the potential to affect the Sudbury area beginning tomorrow morning. MEMA (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency) has advised municipal officials to anticipate blizzard conditions and I urge all residents to follow TV, radio and web news sources to stay current with weather forecasts and update. And I urge all residents to follow any requests the Governor may be issuing as far as staying off the roads during this storm. I am advised there could be heavy wet snow, drifts, damaging wind gusts and possible loss of power during this storm. Town officials will continue to monitor information that is provided to us by MEMA.Below are responses to questions we anticipate you might have and/or have already been sent to the Town.

  1. How will the Town communicate with residents if storm conditions are severe? The Town of Sudbury uses a mass communication system known as Blackboard Connect so that we can quickly send a message out to all resident’s land based lines as well as all cell phones that are in the Town’s data base. Now would be a good time to add phones or email addresses that might not already receive messages from this important notification system. Click here to access the registration page for registering your devices (http://sudbury.ma.us/r911).

  • What preparations has NSTAR been making for this storm? NSTAR has been putting information on their website for their customers and here is a link to that website http://www.nstar.com/residential/ Further, NSTAR has been sending emails to all Town officials in their coverage area to establish communication procedures in anticipation of the Blizzard’s arrival.

  • How can residents find out more about the severity and timing of the blizzard? Residents should listen to television, radio and web based information services of their choosing. Town officials are receiving the same basic information as the news services provide and MEMA keeps the media advised of updates they are receiving as well.

  • Are there steps residents should be taking at this time to prepare for the Storm? MEMA puts information on its web page to address this question. http://www.mass.gov/eopss/agencies/mema/ At this time, it would be a good idea for all residents to review their family’s plans and preparations for severe storms.

  • Will there be a place to recharge phones after the storm? While the Goodnow Library will be closed on Friday and Saturday, conditions permitting, the Library will open on Sunday and be available for this purpose (assuming the Library has power!) L-S will also work to have the Career Center and the A-building open as another option.

  • Is there a parking ban for Sudbury? Yes. Sudbury Police and Highway Department request that all residents comply with the winter parking ban which states, no vehicles shall park on any road once snow removal operations have begun.

  • Where can I take storm debris (tree limbs, brush) after the storm? The DPW will re-open the Melone Gravel Pit next week for storm debris. Please check the Town web site beginning Monday morning to find days and hours of opening.

  • Will Sudbury be opening the shelter at the Fairbank Community Center? That decision has not been made yet, but the CERT (Citizen’s Emergency Response Team) and Fire Chief Bill Miles will make that decision on Friday, February 8 and will post that information on the Town web site. If any resident needs shelter, please first call the Fire Department business line – 978-443-2239 to be sure the shelter is open and it is safe to travel to the shelter.

  • What Town programs and services are being cancelled in anticipation of the storm?
    1. Recreation: Teen Center has been cancelled for Friday night. All recreation programs, swim classes and preschool programs are cancelled on Friday and Saturday. At this time the Atkinson Pool plans to open Friday morning but will close when weather starts to deteriorate and may not be able to re-open on Saturday depending on conditions. Please check inclement weather hotline (978) 639-3233 which will be updated on Saturday, when and if the pool opens.

  • Senior Center: The Senior Center will be closed on Friday.

  • Goodnow Library: The Library will be closed on Friday and Saturday. Conditions permitting, the Library will re-open on Sunday.
  • Will Town Offices be open on Friday? Since many of the staff in the Flynn Building and Town Hall travel significant distances to Sudbury, I determined it was better for safety reasons not to open these offices on Friday rather than send staff home during the storm. Other offices of the town, such as the Building Inspector’s office and the DPW offices will be open, at least in the morning.
  • Maureen G. Valente, Town Manager


    Gov. Deval Patrick is ordering non-emergency state employees to work from home on Friday because of the approaching snowstorm and urging private employers to do the same.


    Logan airport will remain open through the snow storm, but all flights will be cancelled starting Friday afternoon. Some airlines may begin operating on Saturday. Please contact your carrier tonight for your flight's status.


    Lincoln-Sudbury also closed tomorrow


    Wilson just confirmed to Sudbury Patch school is indeed cancelled.


    Parents are reporting receiving an emergency call from Dr. Anne Wilson -- no school tomorrow.


    The Atkinson Pool will close by 1:00, or earlier if conditions deteriorate, on Friday February 8th.  All classes and programs at the pool have been cancelled for Friday February 8th and Saturday February 9th.  The pool will reopen on Saturday afternoon or Sunday as conditions allow. Please check the inclement weather hotline at (978) 639-3233, we will update the pool opening day/time once we make a decision to reopen.


    All Park and Recreation Programs have been cancelled for Friday February 8th and Saturday February 9th due to the anticipated snow event.  The Atkinson Pool will close on Friday no later than 1:00 and will not reopen until conditions are safe for staff to travel.  Please check the inclement weather hotline at (978) 639-3233.  We will update the hotline with pool opening date/time once we make that decision.


    Due to Impending Storm, Senior Center Programs Cancelled Tomorrow


    WHDH says blizzard warning now in effect.


    MEMA has advised Cities and Towns that from Friday Evening into Saturday Morning expect heavy snow, with blizzard conditions and up to five foot drifts in areas prone to drifting.

    It is strongly suggested that you prepare ahead of time and be off the roads by the time the storm hits in force. By planning ahead you will help Sudbury and the State Plows keep roads open for emergency traffic as some roads may become impassible due to the heavy amounts of snow predicted.

    Chief Miles of the Sudbury Fire Department wishes to also caution all residents to stay clear of any downed wires and call 911 if they see any.

    Goodnow Library Closings

    Goodnow Library announed today it will be closed Friday and Saturday due to the impending storm.


    Winter parking ban reminder

    No person shall park any vehicle in the Town of Sudbury so that it interferes with the work of removing or plowing snow or removing ice from any way within the town. The Town of Sudbury director of public works is authorized to remove, or cause to be removed, to some convenient place, including in such term a public garage, any vehicle interfering with such work. The owner of such vehicle shall be liable for the cost of such removal and the storage charges, if any, resulting therefrom. Violation of this section (15) shall be subject to a penalty of $50. Every day during which a violation exists shall be deemed to be a separate violation. 


    LSB Players' announce Urintown cancelled

    Due to the impending blizzard, Friday night's LSB Players' performance of Urinetown, The Musical has been cancelled. We encourage you to contact us at www.lsrhs.net/sites/lsbplayers/tickets/reserve/  if you are able to switch your order to tonight (Thursday) or Saturday night and we will be happy to do so. We do have a finite number of seats in the auditorium so please do let us know in advance if possible so we can accommodate everyone.  Thank you!

    From LS Assistant AD Judy Katalina:

    All After School Athletics at LS canceled on Friday. Girls basketball games vs Westford postponed will be played Monday 2/11 9th at 3:30, JV at 5:00, V at 6:30



    SUDBURY PATCH: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail Updates

    NSTAR: Be ready for power outages

    With a major nor’easter expected to impact our area beginning tomorrow, NSTAR will activate its emergency response plan as preparations continue for a significant impact on the electric grid.  The company is advising customers to make advanced preparations as well.  While no utility can prevent widespread power outages in the face of devastating storms, NSTAR is on high alert and workers are prepared to mobilize.

    “We’re well into our preparations for responding to potentially widespread power outages resulting from the nor’easter’s high winds and heavy snow,” said Craig Hallstrom, President of NSTAR Electric.  “We prepare year-round for storms like this and stand ready to address damage to our system as soon as it becomes safe to do so.”

    As all 3,000 NSTAR employees prepare to assist in the storm response effort, the company has also secured additional contractor line and tree crews to join forces with its own workers.  In anticipation of high snowfall amounts and whiteout driving conditions, NSTAR will pre-position workers across its service area in advance of the storm, including on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard where travel may become impossible due to the potential for bridge closures and ferry service interruption.  With safety a top priority, crews will respond to calls as weather conditions allow.

    Customers can prepare for storm damage and power outages by assembling a storm kit in advance and making arrangements to protect themselves and their families.  Some suggestions for items to include in a storm kit are:

    • Flashlights with spare batteries
    • A battery-operated radio or TV
    • First-aid kit and medications
    • Canned, freeze-dried or dehydrated foods
    • A manual can opener
    • Bottled water
    • Baby or pet supplies
    • Important phone numbers

    Customers dependent on electricity for critical medical needs are urged to make preparations now to switch to a backup source or move to an alternate location if necessary.  NSTAR also reminds all customers that, while back-up emergency generators can be very useful during power outages, it’s crucial to personal safety and the safety of others, including NSTAR line crews, that they be installed and operated properly.

    Paula Mackenzi February 07, 2013 at 09:19 PM
    school needs to be cancelled NOW!
    siobhan hullinger February 07, 2013 at 09:43 PM
    Just received the automated message from SPS - school is cancelled for tomorrow. No word on LS as of now.
    Devils Advocate February 08, 2013 at 11:39 PM
    great photo John Keklak!
    Beth Farrell February 09, 2013 at 12:53 PM
    WCVB just reported 22.5" in Sudbury with 5 hours to go. We could expected another couple of inches in that time.
    Robert Fucci (Editor) February 11, 2013 at 12:36 AM
    Read the text wrong ... 1-hour delay tomorrow


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