Race Setting Up for Sudbury Public Schools Committee

Incumbents Rich Robison and Ellen Winer Joachim have pulled papers, as has hopeful Lisa Kouchakdjian.

Incumbents Rich Robison, left, and Ellen Winer Joachim have pulled papers to run for re-election for Sudbury Public Schools Committee. Patch file photo
Incumbents Rich Robison, left, and Ellen Winer Joachim have pulled papers to run for re-election for Sudbury Public Schools Committee. Patch file photo
The first contested race for Sudbury's Annual Town Election is starting to take shape.

According to Town Clerk Rosemary Harvell, incumbents Rich Robison and Ellen Winer Joachim, the chair and vice chair, respectively, pulled papers on Jan. 7 to run for re-election.

Newcomer Lisa Kouchakdjian has also pulled papers.

Robison and Joachim, along with the rest of the Committee, came under scrutiny in 2012 during the Janice Donahue saga, in which the long-time Noyes Elementary School teacher lost her job over accusations of inappropriately intervening in a fight between two students.

The Committee supported Superintendent Anne Wilson's decision, which irked parents who had signed an online petition to have Wilson removed.

Last year, in what was a close race, Scott Nassa edged out Matt Barach by less than 100 votes for former member Lisa Gutch's spot.

According to Harvell, there will be 13 official positions open for election on March 31. Interested candidates must file their intentions on or before Feb. 6, and return their nomination papers on or before Feb. 10. 

The other open positions are:
  • Board of Selectmen - One 3-year term

  • Board of Assessors - One 3-year term
  • Goodnow Library Trustee - Two 3-year terms
  • Goodnow Library Trustee - One 1-year term to fill vacancy
  • Board of Health - One 3-year term
  • Park & Recreation Commission - One 3-year term
  • Planning Board - One 3-year term
  • Sudbury Housing Authority - One 5-year term
As of Jan. 7, the only other residents to pull papers were Nancy Hershfield for the vacant Goodnow Library Trustees (1-year term) and Barbara Pryor (three-year term).

Included as part of the Annual Town Election will be an election of two members for three years each to the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional District School Committee.

According to District Clerk Donna Cakert, incumbent Elena Kleifges (vice chair) of Sudbury has pulled papers, as has newcomer and fellow Sudbury resident Mike Walsh.

The other incumbent, Patty Mostue of Lincoln, has yet to take out intention papers, Cakert said.

Nomination papers and packets for Town offices are available at the Town Clerk's Office for incumbents, whose terms are expiring, as well as new candidates. The packets cannot be mailed and must be picked up in person by the candidate. 

Contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 978-639-3351 or clerk@sudbury.ma.us with questions.

Candidates for Lincoln-Sudbury Regional District School Committee may obtain nomination papers and packets from Cakert at Lincoln-Sudbury. 

Call the District Clerk at 978-443-9961 with questions. 

UserName January 09, 2014 at 05:28 PM
I agree with SudburyCop. Robison has shown a complete lack of leadership, vision, and compassion. He seems to have an us vs. them mentality with parents and taxpayers and has an alarming sense of entitlement. He had so many opportunities to be a calming influence during the various crises of Wilson's tenure, but he is either incapable or indifferent. Instead, he is determined to protect his hires (Wilson) and his viewpoints at all costs. This is an extremely destructive mentality for someone in a position that has so much power over budget and tax dollars. Time for some new blood - preferably people with a bigger stake (or just basic awareness) in the day to day performance of the schools.
Sudburytoo January 09, 2014 at 05:59 PM
Hopefully the people of Sudbury have woken up and will show Robison to the door. He has no interest in what the taxpayers or the parents have to say. Too much power has gone to his head. Time for change. Sudbury, don't make the same mistake again. It is insulting that he ignores parents and rubs everyone's nose in the fact that they give Wilson two raises and a new contract.
Spanky Simian January 09, 2014 at 10:53 PM
PEOPLE, what do you expect? You live in a state where incompetence and rump-swabbery is the most important resume enhancers you have. From our Governor to our local politicians/selectmen, the one or two bright bulbs are drowning in the dimness of our of our inbred_nepotistic government structure. Embarrassing does not begin to describe our state our our officials, AT EVERY LEVEL.
Spanky Simian January 09, 2014 at 11:00 PM
Case in point, did you realize that our Governor took the MA Bar Exam 4 Times before Passing??? 98.4% of all Harvard Grads (his Alma-mater) passed on their first attempt. Not our Genius Governor, 4 Trys... Are you surprised that the lower depths of the cess-pool are even less talented than our wicked smaht Guvinner?
Jorge Teixeira January 11, 2014 at 08:54 AM
Great comments! No TAX payers need to have rubber stampers.


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