Sudbury's Carmine Gentile Running for State Representative

Tom Conroy, who is the current state representative for Sudbury, is running for state treasurer.

Sudbury's Carmen Gentile is running for State Representative of the 13th Middlesex District. Staff photo by Robert Fucci
Sudbury's Carmen Gentile is running for State Representative of the 13th Middlesex District. Staff photo by Robert Fucci
Sudbury resident Carmine Gentile, who briefly was in last year's expanded Board of Selectmen race, confirmed to Sudbury Patch he is running for state representative for the 13th Middlesex District.

For the last seven years, Tom Conroy has represented the 13th Middlesex District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Conroy, a Wayland Democrat, is running for State Treasurer. 

Gentile is a member of the Sudbury Democrats and will seek the democratic nomination.

Gentile announced his candidacy to Sudbury Patch prior to the start of the town's first-ever Town Forum.

The 13th Middlesex District consists of three out of the four precincts in Wayland, Precinct 3 in Framingham (Saxonville), a handful of precincts in Marlborough and Sudbury.

Earlier this month, Framingham's Brian J. LeFort announced he would seek the Democratic nomination for Conroy's seat.
Spanky Simian January 26, 2014 at 08:22 AM
Remember, if you want to get elected in this state, YOU HAVE TO PROMISE TO GIVE THE ENTITLEMENT CLASSES MORE AND MORE MONEY AND HANDOUTS. Like our very own Presidential Aunt in Jamaica Plain, Aunt Zetuni Obama. She has lived here as an illegal alien for over 30 years, has taken advantage of Welfare, Section 8 housing, utility subsidies, child subsidies, food subsidies, transportation subsidies, etc. All while being an illegal, until her nephew became president of course. Then, saints-be-praised she became a citizen over nite. She still lives in Section 8 housing and collect welfare and a treasure trove of other public assistance handouts, even though her nephew is a multi millionaire president but hey, she is OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE CARE OF NOT HER FAMILYs!
JT January 26, 2014 at 05:56 PM
Silence DoBad -- instead of constantly spouting your inane comments maybe you should try running for office. You might even get a few votes, if you can get your relatives to vote for you.
Elvira January 26, 2014 at 06:49 PM
Sorry JT but Silence Dobad is spot on.


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