What is Important to You This Election Season in Sudbury?

On Monday we gave you a look at the final list of candidates who will be on the ballot. So what will decide your vote?

What is swaying you this year?
What is swaying you this year?
Election Day is officially less than one month away. So what's on your mind as the big day approaches?

On Monday, we provided a final list of the candidates who will be on the ballot for Sudbury's municipal election, which is slated for March 31.

In case you missed it, there are three contested races this year. Multiple candidates will square off for spots on the Board of Selectmen, School Committee, and Lincoln-Sudbury Regional District School Committee.

In addition to the candidates on the ballot, the topic of the the proposed police station will be on the ballot as well. Residents asked whether or not they support the initiative.

So we want to know.

What topic is on your mind this year as you prepare to cast your ballot? Who are your top candidates, and why? What changes would you like to see made in the way Sudbury's government is run? Do you support the police station proposal, and do you think it will pass?

You can weigh in with your opinions in the comments section below. Just remember to be respectful of your fellow residents.
JON999 March 04, 2014 at 10:33 AM
here are a few questions for the candidates? 1. why is the proposed police station so unnecessarily large and expensive? 2. why can't we build a narrow, stone dust pathway for the rail trail instead of a wide, paved, roadway through the woods? 3. why are we considering a sewer on route 20 when it's not needed, the businesses have no interest in paying for it, and it will lead to out-of-control development and will negatively impact the schools, particularly Loring?


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