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I write this letter in furtherance of a topic I raised at Candidates Night last week.   I had hoped that the issues surrounding MCAS scores in Sudbury would have spurned more open and frank discussion at that time.  Although I am personally not a fan of standardized tests as I do not believe they most accurately measure a child’s knowledge since so many factors contribute to one’s scores, I recognize that some standardized test is necessary to ascertain how our children are doing academically.  After learning this past year that Sudbury was considered a Level 2 District in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I researched where Sudbury fell in previous years.  This data is public information found on the Department of Education (“DOE”) website. 

In 2011, based upon MCAS scores Curtis Middle School became a Level 2 School.  In 2012, Curtis remained Level 2 and Loring became a Level 2 school.  Based upon 2013 MCAS scores, Noyes and Nixon joined Curtis and Loring as Level 2 schools.  2010 was the last year that all five schools were considered to be Level 1 based upon the standards used at that time.

At the SPS School Committee meeting on February 26, 2014, our community was told that Sudbury has never been considered a Level 1 District.  It is misleading to our residents, tax-payers, Moms, Dads and grandparents in this town to make such a careless assertion.   A recent editorial in the Town Crier stated that we should not over emphasize MCAS.  That statement is reckless as school quality is a significant driver of home values.  Every tax payer has a vested interest in our schools.   In fact, our seniors in town rely upon the value of their homes as part of their retirement.  Historically, people move to Sudbury for the excellence of our schools.  Decline is a slippery slope. We must hold our administration accountable, stay proactive for our District, providing support to our teachers and economically devised academic enrichment programs for our children so that we do not wake up some day a Level 3 District.

Please visit my website at GoLisa.org for links to the DOE website with videos and documents explaining the Accountability process.  I have also included links to the Accountability data for each of our five schools and the 2013 Accountability data for Sudbury.

Lisa Kouchakdjian, Meadowbrook Circle, candidate for Sudbury School Committee

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Debbie March 13, 2014 at 05:08 PM
I am spot on in this conversation; if you fly 10,000 feet up and look down you might see that. The root of it all is ... There are as many solutions as there are problems. Sifting through the data and gaining a comprehensive understanding of where money vs performance is out of balance is one skin of the onion.
Spanky Simian March 13, 2014 at 05:23 PM
Mr nassa you still with us?
Prometheus March 14, 2014 at 07:39 AM
All those taxes, all that money, special programs, teacher unions, fancy schools, experts.....and still you are failing? I would love to hear some explanations that do not contain "we need more money".
Prometheus March 14, 2014 at 07:45 AM
I mean really? I am just a simple guy with a silly name who asked a question, someone not (i assume) associated with the schools answered it....and the only replies are insults. I had figured that the people running the education machine would have something better to stand on. That being said....I accept your silence (small s) as proof of my theories. Money is being wasted....and the children (not the teachers, the union, the contractors who build schools, the administrators) are suffering. Why are you waging a war on children?
Rich Richard March 31, 2014 at 01:20 AM
I think there are valid points made in this chain and some idiotic ones, but noone's asking the most pertinent question - if our school's are going downhill and it has happened on the incumbent's watch. What is their defense? It seemed to me that the scores across the board were down. If the SPED program's an issue, what have the current members been doing to change it and why on earth was the SPED administrator promoted? We need new blood on the school committee.


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