Join Us in Reelecting Ellen Winer Joachim

Sudbury’s residents are well-known for their love of their community and their strong desire to maintain an excellent school system.  This passion fuels our success, while it also sparks active debate.  If you share this passion, and if you believe that in Sudbury’s unique environment it is especially important for our elected School Committee members to consider diverging opinions and continuously set a course that is in our best interests, then we urge you to vote for Ellen Winer Joachim.  Ellen offers a unique combination of understanding, experience, skill, and determination, from which our children and our town have significantly benefitted and will continue to benefit if she is reelected. 

Ellen has been a phenomenal advocate for our children, while always keeping an eye toward ensuring that unnecessary financial burdens are not imposed on our residents.  For example, Ellen was an active member of the three-person team that successfully negotiated the current teacher contract, reaching a deal that avoided the need for a Proposition 2½ override while also avoiding any layoffs, in a difficult macroeconomic environment.  Furthermore, as the School Committee’s liaison to the Sudbury Finance Committee, Ellen has developed and leveraged a deep understanding of the finances of SPS as they relate to our town’s residents.  Ellen also has championed the roll out of the 1:1 Technology Program, which has been praised by parents, teachers, and children for its positive impacts on learning and on student-teacher communication.  Looking forward, Ellen has in-depth perspectives about SPS’s opportunities for reinvestment in education given current enrollment trends.  Finally, Ellen has worked tirelessly to ensure that residents’ voices are heard and that School Committee decisions are made as openly and efficiently as possible, as she was one of the key supporters of adding an open public forum at the beginning of each School Committee meeting, and she has volunteered significant amounts of her time to revise the School Committee policy manual to make the School Committee’s procedures more responsive to today’s issues and environment.

If you are passionate about maintaining a standard of excellence with respect to both our children’s education and fiscal responsibility, then we urge you to join us in reelecting Ellen.


Scott and Kristin Fisher
Camperdown Lane

UserName March 30, 2014 at 04:49 PM
One more thought, while I admire your right, and the right of any supporter to defend their candidate, it is pretty telling that Ellen and Rich don't ever personally explain their actions from that time. They can't possibly be so tuned out to not realize what a major point of disappointment this was to their constituents. I am extremely convinced that Christine Hogan has the character and courage to fight for every parent's right to speak, even those with a differing point of view. We are so overdue for more of this type of leadership in town.
SudburyCOP March 30, 2014 at 05:08 PM
Allowing Anne to spend money on furniture and decorating is NOT controlling the budget! Allowing Anne to spend thousands on legal bills is NOT controlling the budget. It is in fact taking money from the budget that is ear marked for OUR children! Ellen voted Twice to extend Anne' s contract AND give her a raise! She has also allowed Anne to spend money on MORE administrator 's and mediators! I am sure Ellen is a nice person. However from where I stand she looks like a puppet, doing and saying what she is told!
John Q. Sybian March 30, 2014 at 06:29 PM
Only in Sudbury would a contract that does not "need" an override be reason for celebration.


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