Last evening's Sudbury Public School committee candidates' debate

I was present for the League of Women Voters sponsored debate and I was very impressed with how ALL of the candidates responded to questions and how they all handled themselves in a professional manner. Additionally, both the moderator and the audience listened and sat with a great deal of decorum-something which has been lacking in recent elections, so we should all be proud of how positive the evening was.  I was present because I was particularly interested in the Sudbury Public School committee candidates' portion of the debate. There were some terrific questions asked and answered relative to technology, decreasing enrollment, as well as security at our schools, among other things. While, these are all VERY important issues that need to be addressed, one very pressing open issue that was not discussed was the fact that we have two major leadership decisions coming up in the next few months. I would like the four candidates to share their opinions on the type of individuals and what qualities they need to possess in order to be hired as our next Assistant Superintendent and our next Principal at Nixon. While, I am sure there will be some folks that would find fault in your opinions, I along with many others would welcome and respect your thoughts.


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