LETTER TO THE EDITOR: HOPEsudbury Offers Thanks to the Community

Tenth annual telethon deemed a success.

In 2002, the first HOPEsudbury Telethon & Auction was an unproven commodity: Would performers sign up? Would individuals and businesses donate? Would the community tune in? Would viewers bid?

The answer was a resounding “yes.”

The Telethon is now a Sudbury tradition which marked its 10th anniversary Nov. 5, raising an impressive $63,000 for The HOPE Fund and other HOPEsudbury charitable causes.

We would like to extend our thanks to all.

Thanks to our major sponsors: , Tudor Investment Corp., Granahan Investment Management, Inc.,, Ted & Eileen Pasquarello, (Sudbury), , , , The Sudbury Town Crier, SudburyTV.org, HomesbyLois, Joshua M. Fox, Esq./Myron J. Fox, Esq., M.A. Kablack & Associates PC, , Michael C. Fee, Esq./Pierce & 
Mandell, PC, , MA, .

Kudos to the creative, hardworking middle schoolers from the Curtis Community Service Group led by Ingred Hjerpe and Caroline Gaswami who ran the most successful Pennies for HOPE challenge ever, collecting a whopping $2,800 (in pennies!) from their classmates! Advisors Ivar Henningson and Karol Hjerpe were also key to their success. And thank you to all four elementary schools for their participation and to for counting the pennies.

Thanks to the many businesses, organizations and individuals who generously contributed the 170-plus auction items that made the Auction such a success. A standing ovation goes to our versatile and talented performers.

Special thanks go to SudburyTV Executive Director Lynn Puorro and her staff Nick Cosky and  Cliff McGann,who work cheerfully and tirelessly to keep the 10-hour broadcast running smoothly.

A special shout out goes to our Cow Patty Bingo judge, Town Moderator Myron Fox, who good-naturedly stood by waiting for cow droppings to drop. Thanks also to Fairbank Farm and Frank Maurer Company for their assistance with this silly and successful fundraiser.

Thanks to our entertaining on-air hosts: Sarah Barker, Elizabeth Bernstein, Jessica Bodner, John Bower, Gabrielle Daniels Brennan, Kayleigh Cyr, Nancy Eckersley, Ariana Gunderson, Samantha Hammel, Karen LaCamera, Brian McGrory, Bonnie Morrissey, Larry OʼBrien, Kirsten Roopenian, Maureen Valente, Anne Wilson and Mitchell Zuckoff.

Thanks to everyone at including Superintendent/Principal Scott Carpenter, Kevin Rossley, Chuck Despotopulos, Toni Benhaim, Patty Gogan and the generous and helpful custodial staff. We also appreciate Sudbury Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Anne Wilson’s support as well as the , , , and PTOs and principals.

A special thanks to our production/technical volunteers: Jeff Winston,Greg Wade, Bryan Ernst, Amanda Tramont, Ben Gaynor, Reed Shilts, Dave Jennings, Terry Lockhart, Kathy Winston, Mike Pincus, Michael LaScaleia, Janet Jennings, Ben Roopenian, Kyle Goodwin, Connor Farrell, Sam Granahan, Ron Riggert, Jack Pincus, Leah Schwartz, Emily Baer, Elena Wohl, Alex Singer, Zack Witkin, Erin Schuster, Krystal Kallarackal, Maya Hareli.

Many thanks to our wonderful day of event volunteers: Anne-Marie Greenberg, Maura Carty, Lori Zuroff, Susan Verma, Debbie Larsen, Mark Pumphret, Dan Smith, Allison Greenberg, Jen Ayer, Abby Greenberg, Jack Pumphret, Lisa Trefry, Carl Anderson, Lisa Joseph, Susan Karon, Jeff Karon, Alexa Crowe, Emily Hebble, Donna Driscoll, Kim Schimmoller, Pam O'Brien, Dan Murphy, Karyn Dorcas, Alison Joseph, Didi McLellan, Bill Schineller,Katie LaScalea, Bernice Baer, Carol Evans, Ben Iuliano,, Susan Iuliano, Greg Horn, John Darcey,Debby Wolfe,Carrie Lepordo, Jeanne Maloney, Elena Kleifges,Lisa Eggleson, Heather Joyner, Pat Phillips, Krystal Phu, Harlan Smart,Lexi Miller, Claudia Mokdad, Justin Liu, Rick Gangopadhyay,Ben Lepordo, Sam Lepordo,Richard Billig, Sarah Rodriguez,Lindsay Nielsen, Alexandra Ben David, Jill Pellegino, Celia Feldberg, Jasmyn Guzzetti, Danielle Godwin,Shay Darcey, Molly Schineller, Matthew Bodner, Jesse Bodner,Andrew LaScalea, Stephanie Pilavin, Vik Gobal, Conor O’Brien,Sopha Widzowski,Ezra  Yemane, Amanda Rose, Sophia Goswani, Kim Pilavin, Connor Coughlin.

Thanks to a host of town staff who provide invaluable support to every Telethon: Maureen Valente, Town Manager; Mark Thompson and Brian Powell of the Technology Dept. Martha Lynn, Town Social Worker; and Bill Place and Bruce Kankanpaa of the Department of Public Works.

Thank you to the for providing delicious catered food for our volunteers and to for their generous food contribution. Refreshments were also provided by Rene Greene, Jackie Duffy, Laura Rutherford, Danielle Agabedis, Chris Solakian, Kim Wilver, Kathy Kizfogl, Dana Plunkett, Sherri Martinelli, Alison Prenetta, Karen van Leer, JJ Yudkin, Beth Brykman, Lisa Nigrelli, Melissa Bochicchio, Carolyn Leonelli, Catherine Messina, Lisa Armour, Ronda Katz, and Jen Porter.

Finally, a round of applause for our hard-working colleagues on the Telethon Organizing Committee: Carole Ann Baer, Tricia Brunner,Beth Farrell, Rachel Goodrich, Brian Granahan, Robin Gunderson, Jackie Kabat, Jody Kablack, Lisa Kenney, Karen LaCamera, Marilyn Martino, Corinne Meyer, Lynn Puorro, Edie Ravenelle, Kirsten Roopenian, Ana Schwartz, Tracy Stewart and Linda Wade. It’s a pleasure to work with you!

Our 10th Telethon was special in every way. Thanks to all!

Jill Stansky, Christina Granahan and Beth Farrell

2011 HOPEsudbury Telethon Co-Chairs


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