LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mara Dolan Deserves to be State Senator

Concord resident Polly Titcomb urges others in the 3rd Middlesex District to agree with her.

Massachusetts is frequently touted as one of the most progressive states in the Union.  And for the most part, these claims are true.  But one area in which we fall short is that of women in politics. 

Only 24 percent of the Massachusetts state legislature is composed of women, with only 6 of our 40 state senators being female. Thirty-eight percent of all Massachusetts cities and towns have no women serving on their governing bodies. These statistics are embarrassing. It is imperative that women are represented in government.

This is not just about women legislators bringing “women's issues” to the table; it is about bringing a feminine perspective to the table, regardless of the issue.  When a governing body convenes to discuss issues that involve society at large, this body should resemble that of its constituents. Massachusetts will be better served when all of its citizens are adequately represented and given voice. And currently, women are markedly underrepresented in the State House.

It's an election year in Massachusetts, and in the 3rd Middlesex District our long-serving State Senator, Susan Fargo, is stepping down. Massachusetts will be losing one of our six female senators. When choosing which qualified candidate to support in the upcoming primary election, it is not enough only to consider each candidate's professional and personal qualifications; we must also consider how each candidate would affect the demographics of the state senate. 

In the 3rd Middlesex District, Mara Dolan is the best candidate to replace Sen. Susan Fargo. Mara not only possesses the professional qualifications and personal character that we expect of our state senators, but she also is the only candidate who can contribute to ending the dearth of women in the Massachusetts Senate. 

I urge all voters in the 3rd Middlesex district to vote for Democratic candidate Mara Dolan in the Sept. 6 primary. I know I will. 

Polly Titcomb
Virginia Road

Erich Waible August 05, 2012 at 05:28 AM
Really? That's why people should vote for her, because she brings a female perspective. How about filling us in on what she stands for. Silly. Not gonna vote for a "female" just because she's filling a female's seat.....
x August 05, 2012 at 10:47 AM
More estrogen in the State House will cure everything? Reverend E. Raleigh Pimperton III


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