LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop the Smear Campaign

Resident Stan Kaplan says Chairman Larry O'Brien doesn't deserve to be bullied.

It is apparent to me that Selectman Chairman Larry O'Brien's losing political opponents are orchestrating a smear campaign that will win them the spoils that they failed to achieve at the ballot box in this most resent Town election for the Selectman seat won by Mr. O'Brien.

Shame on you!

Selectman O'Brien's only breach at the Lavender Restaurant that evening was his social proclivity which I applaud!

Chairman Larry O'Brien did nothing wrongful here and those who attack him on this overwrought matter do so without merit and with a not-so-hidden agenda.

Respectfully submitted,

Stan Kaplan

98 Victoria Road

pmotw June 15, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Mr. O’Brien and Mr. Drobinski have done some great things for Sudbury. That you cannot take away. I voted for them in the past. I started having concerns when they both shifted into automatic override mode. When a 3 choice override ballot was presented I was convinced they had no concerns for the taxpayer’s finances. They were determined to get an override passed no matter what. This is when I started paying more attention to how the town was managed and discovered there were many ways the town could be managed more efficiently. Accountability and transparency were lost around this time as well. The recent events are the breaking point for me. There is no free pass for this recent behavior no matter what good things they have done for Sudbury. The best solution for everyone is if they both resign along with Ms. Valente and Ms. Rust being fired without any benefits or gag orders. Once this is done we can have a new election for BOS, replace the other town positions and move on.
Bryan S June 15, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Comments on the police---- Because the the town has not held a forum to investigate what happened, unfortunately, the town police are being questioned on their actions. From the timelines, public documents, and other sources I have seen, the police acted appropriately - in my opinion. But that is my opinion. Until there is a formal review, suspicion of preferential treatment will linger. That is not fair to the police. Mr. Kaplan, you letter attempts to make Mr. O'Brien the victim in all this. That is unfortunate. The real "victims" are: * The parents of children who have to explain why the Dare graduation speaker was at a party/hosted a party where someone left and received their third OUI. * The citizens of the town who just want some basic answers to what happened -who was where and when * The owner of Lavenders who is being blamed by some of the selectmen for remaining open with one of them inside * Transparency in our government And our town police who have not been able to formally tell their story and answer questions. Selectman O’Brien is the victim? Really?
Rick Billig June 15, 2012 at 05:10 PM
I am not questioning the police. I feel they are professionals and have always acted as such.
Edward Stark June 15, 2012 at 05:15 PM
Stan just a hypothetical question if you don't mind answering? What if you found out that a town official responsible for making and enforcing tax policy had evaded their very own federal income taxes? Would you have a problem in that case? I would and I see the Lavender issue in the same light. You cannot violate the very same guidelines that you are tasked with enforcing.
SueChap June 16, 2012 at 11:25 AM
Consider this, an O'Brien supporter asking "we the people" to stop the smear campaign. Anyone have any of the emails sent from the O'Brien Gutch McDonald gang to smear others in town? There are those in town that say, I want to see the facts. I suggest that you can quickly find all the documents that support what is being discussed. To those that have the facts and agree that this was a gross abuse of power, I say, go to the next selectmen meeting and demand to be heard. This is at the core of the problem -- Drobinski and O'Brien have refused to allow anyone to comment or ask questions. We have a right to know. I can only hope the people stay engaged on this one. .


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