LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sudbury PD Deserves Our Appreciation

Resident Scott Nassa he's proud to live in a town with an honorable police department.

On behalf of myself and my family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the for all that they do in the course of serving and protecting our town.

I have recently read and heard a lot around town in regard to the May 8 Lavender incident.  While I think the whole incident is an absolute mess and an embarrassment for Sudbury, I find the rumors that the police tried to "cover it up" to be absolute nonsense. If they wanted to cover it up they could have easily not issued an OUI. If they wanted to cover it up they could have easily not cited Lavender for violating their liquor license. They did both and they did both objectively and with integrity despite the fact that their bosses — the town manager and two selectmen — were involved. 

Only those with the highest levels of integrity take such action despite knowing their immediate supervisors will come under fire. The Sudbury Police have proven once again to be an organization of unrelenting professionalism. While this is not the first time we have heard complaints about our town manager and Board of Selectmen, we never hear complaints about our police department and praise for their objective integrity is warranted again today.

My wife and I feel blessed to live with our children in a safe town such as Sudbury and owe it all to our exceptional police and fire departments. Without the dedication of these brave men and women Sudbury would not nearly be the great town that it is.

Thank you again for everything that you do.

Scott Nassa

Clark Lane


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