LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taking Action to Help Others

Residents Isabella and Alexa Faber are helping teenagers less fortunate than others.

My sister, Alexa and I decided that it was important to do more for people less fortunate than us. That is why we are doing a book drive for "More than Words" (http://mtwyouth.org) located in Waltham.

The purpose of this organization is to help provide teenagers who are in foster care, homeless or not attending school the opportunity to get control of their lives by working in this book store. The teenagers who work there have had their lives turned upside down by addiction, abuse, or neglect, who often end up in foster homes, homeless shelters, or the court system.

We read about one 17-year-old boy whose father went to prison, his family lost their home to foreclosure. And he lived in homeless shelters in Florida and Massachusetts. After months living in a shelter he had trouble just making eye contact with people. Having the chance to get involved with More Than Words allowed him the chance to work with other kids just like him and learn simple things like how to greet people by looking them in the eyes.

Now he feels like he has a purpose and responsibility because of the opportunity he has been given at More Than Words. The reason is that all of the kids are totally responsible for not just running the store, but finding all the merchandise to sell. That is why these book drives are so important. They are currently looking for the following types of used or new books, as well as other things:

Fiction, non-fiction, text & audio books

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • blueray discs
  • video games.

If you want more information you can call our house at 978-443-4416. We will drive to your home (with our parents of course) to collect any items you want to donate.

Thank you so much for considering helping!


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