LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank You, Sudbury

Alicia Barton McDevitt of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center says Solarize Massachusetts has helped residents save hundreds.

Thanks to the people of Sudbury, Solarize Massachusetts was a resounding success this year.

The group purchasing program, which helps to make solar more affordable, is a joint venture of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources was launched in 17 communities across the state this year. The program generated 803 solar contracts signed statewide representing 5.1 megawatts of clean, renewable energy. In Sudbury, residents and businesses have contracted 308.2 kilowatts of new solar, saving hundreds of dollars annually on their electric bills.

The program’s local volunteer coordinator, Rami Alwan, was key to this success. James Kelly’s support was also invaluable to this effort, bridging the gap between state agencies and municipal officials and Sudbury residents.

We simply could not have seen these results without the hard work of volunteers, advocates and municipal leaders on the ground in Sudbury. Thanks to its leadership, Sudbury will pave the way towards a cleaner energy future for the next generation.

Alicia Barton McDevitt

CEO and Executive Director, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center



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