Why I Stand by John Drobinski.

I find it laudable to want to get involved and play a role in local government. I think more people should be involved, and there are many opportunities for residents to have an impact on town affairs in Sudbury. But don’t go in thinking it is a simple job, or that the decisions you make will be easy, no matter where your support is from. The duties of a Selectman are arduous, and thankless at times. We need a leader who has demonstrated the ability to weather any storm. That leader is John Drobinski. There is a reason he has been re-elected to the Board so often, he is consistent, knowledgeable and open to new ideas.

What impresses me most about John Drobinski, is his broad experience on the issues that the Board of Selectmen deal with on a consistent basis – labor negotiations, municipal law, budgeting, long term planning, technology also, relationships with other stakeholders in the Community, and his ability to bring different factions together which are very important qualities in a leader. I sat next to John on the Board of Selectmen for six years, I also had many disagreements with him, but throughout, he remained consistently fair minded, and his institutional knowledge was incredibly helpful to many citizens and Boards. I believe in John, I really do.

In addition, other attributes necessary to be a community leader would be patience, clear knowledge of municipal government and how it works, historical perspectives, understandingSense of Place. The ability to encourage different opinions and remain open minded, despite often harsh criticisms are undeniably attributed to John’s leadership.  

The goals of this board have been set, and a change to the board membership will be disruptive to the excellent work underway. The new makeup of the Board of Selectmen is another justifiable reason to re-elect John. His ability to guide without forcing any particular agenda, isone of the most vital components of governing in a small community. Finally, the amazingprogress the Selectmen have made over the last several years – through the recession – so that Sudbury emerged financially intact, with definitive goals, and looking towards the future is not to be underestimated. John is the person the community has come to trust and respect. I know I do. Please join me on March 31 and vote to re-elect John Drobinski, Sudbury’s Selectman. Thank you.

Robert Morrison March 31, 2014 at 09:25 AM
I urge you to vote for John Drobinski’s reelection as Selectman. John has consistently supported cost savings for the town and schools by improved energy efficiency. He was instrumental in establishing Sudbury’s energy and sustainability committee; that committee has procured in excess of $800,000 in energy efficiency grants and renewable energy equipment for the town since its formation. John has long supported a vision of a large renewable energy project for the landfill. That project was realized in 2013 and will produce cost savings for the town for coming three decades. It’s no accident that John saw this opportunity coming: his experience and understanding of the political processes in the town and state have benefited Sudbury for many years. John has conducted the town’s business efficiently, respectfully and with a sense of humor during my years as a Sudbury resident. A vote for John Drobinski today equals a vote for continued progress in Sudbury. Robert L. Morrison 16 October Road
JON999 March 31, 2014 at 11:47 AM
why do we have an unfunded $80 million OPEB liability (which he is largely unaware of)? please vote for Pat Brown.
Sudburytoo March 31, 2014 at 11:55 AM
JON99, Drobinski said at candidates night it was only $13 million. He must have misremembered. He was never good with numbers.
JON999 March 31, 2014 at 12:09 PM
$80 million is about the size of the yearly town budget. that's pretty big. which means the newer residents are paying for debts incurred by prior residents. which means less money for schools, parks, police/fire, ROOFS!, etc. inter-generational debt transfer is immoral. and we're still adding to the OPEB liability, going further underwater every year. save a few hundred thousand dollars at L-S with solar panels in the parking lot feels good (sort of) but is immaterial in the big picture... vote for Pat Brown.


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