Police Hope Collection Bin Will Help Curtail Prescription Drug Concerns

On Friday, the District Attorney's Office will provide a drug collection bin to the Sudbury Police Department.

Sudbury will be the recipient of a drug bin similar to this one. (File Photo)
Sudbury will be the recipient of a drug bin similar to this one. (File Photo)
Prescription drugs are a concern in Sudbury and beyond. On Friday, the Sudbury Police Department will receive a piece of equipment it hopes will help get these drugs out of the wrong hands.

On Friday, Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan will present four local police chiefs with drug collection units, offered to provide a method free and safe drug disposal.

Among those receiving the collection bins during the event in Woburn will be Sudbury Police Chief Scott Nix, who said prescription drugs are a growing concern. Ryan echoed that sentiment.

“There is a correlation between illegal prescription drug abuse and heroin use,” said Ryan. “Many people who start abusing painkillers and other medications often find themselves turning to heroin for a cheaper, stronger high. The drug collection unit is one prevention measure that can be very effective in ensuring that children and teens do not have access to powerful prescription narcotics that could lead them down a path toward addiction.”

Nix said that in October, Sudbury hosted its first every drug take back initiative sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Agency. During the event, police took back 191 pounds of expired or unwanted prescriptions.

Another event will be held in Sudbury on April 26, and Nix is hoping for similar success.

The Sudbury Police Chief said he had been planning on purchasing a take back bin, but was appreciative to learn that District Attorney Ryan beat him to the punch.

"Disposing of medications in this manner is safer for the environment versus flushing down the toilet or throwing in a landfill where the medication could contaminate water supply," said Nix. "More importantly, it prevents individuals, such as children, from accessing dangerous drugs where they may ingest purposefully, sell, overdose, etc."


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