Poll: Do You Support Stricter Gun Laws?

A gunman opened fire at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin Sunday. What do you think? Would stricter gun laws have stopped him?

On July 20, a gunman opened fire on an Aurora, Colo. movie theater packed with patrons, killing 12 and injuring 58.

On Sunday, a gunman again opened fire, this time in a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., kiling seven and injuring three, including a veteran police officer.

The two mass shootings three weeks apart have propelled the gun debate back into the forefront.

So this week, we want to know:

Do you support stricter gun control laws? Why? Why not? Tell us in the comments.

We will report the results of the poll on Friday.

EmbracetheDarkness August 07, 2012 at 12:13 AM
No thanks. I think we need to demonstrate we can enforce the laws already on the books before we remove any more of my liberties. I obey the laws, yet it always seems to be me who suffers when the laws are broken. The outlaws don't live by our rules; I don't think legislators get that. When and if guns are ever banned, I will be forced to wait for the police to arrive and protect me, or resort to harsh language and a Louisville Slugger. I live without a gun, and I do not fear for my life and liberty now, but my situation may not always be such.
ToolFoole August 07, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Being a lifelong gun owner and gun rights advocate, it does my heart good to see that most of the people here have the correct view on gun control. Not too long ago, I may not have able to say that. I think people are finally starting to see the light. Gun control is totally ineffective against gun crime. In fact, the opposite is true. Gun laws only affect law abiding people, to their detriment. Conversely, criminals pay no heed to laws, that's why they're called criminals. Criminals, however are not stupid. They always go for the easiest target. The more restrictions on guns, the better for them because they know that most people abide by the law. You see, that makes it less likely that a potential victim might be armed, like the moviegoers in Aurora in a cinema that has a policy against guns on the premises or the 23 diners who died at the Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen, TX in 1991. Many people would be alive today were it not for those anti-gun policies. The MAIN intention of the 2nd Amendment was not duck hunting or even personal defense, it was to prevent tyrannical government. Gun control is nothing but people control. As for me, I'd rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6!
A Handy One August 07, 2012 at 01:33 PM
Government should issue each individual a musket when they turn 18 that they have for life. Then all other type guns and bullets would be banned. That is the way to do constitutional gun ownership.
Thomas Fretz August 07, 2012 at 09:02 PM
How about following up on people who exibit suspect activities or thoughts. almost all of these situations we find out that someone suspected something. Lets follow-up on these things.
Michelle LeClair August 09, 2012 at 09:22 PM
No more gun control laws!! Law abiding citizens have the right to protect and bear arms.


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