Sudbury Police Seek Arrest Warrant for Framingham Man in Connection to Wagonwheel Road Housebreak

The following press release was supplied by the Sudbury Police Department.

On September 27th a 911 call was received reporting a Wagonwheel  Road residence had been broken into.  Officers responded determining it was a past break with the suspect(s) having fled.  The preliminary investigation revealed a number of items had been taken to include jewelry.

One of the responding officers, who had returned from Framingham District Court a short time earlier, recalled observing two males he felt were acting in a suspicious manner a limited distance from the break.  His attendance was drawn to the two who had a motorcycle parked on the sidewalk in an odd manner and appeared to be nervous given the presence of the cruiser passing by.  The officer noted the registration having a gut feeling something may be array.

After finishing the initial investigation the officer returned to the station where the motorcycle plate was run through the Registry of Motor Vehicles/Criminal History Systems Board.  This revealed the registered owner had an extensive criminal history to include breaking and entering.  As well, the Medfield Police Department had recently queried the registration plate.  In contacting the Medfield Police it was learned they had two individuals under arrest for receiving stolen property, one of whom was the registered owner of the motorcycle previously seen in the area of the break.  Apparently, a detail officer walking by a vehicle observed numerous pieces of jewelry strewn about the vehicle that appeared out of the ordinary.  He in turn notified the station initiating an investigation resulting in the arrest. 

The victims of the Wagonwheel break were escorted by Sudbury detectives to the Medfield Police Department where a number of pieces of jewelry were identified as being theirs.  During this process a Landham Road resident returned home to report his residence had been broken into as well.  Correspondence between detective on scene at the most recent break as well as those at Medfield Police resulted in items from that break being positively identified. 

As a result of the investigation, to this point, William Bourque (44) of 9 Arthur Street in Framingham, MA has been charged with 2 counts of breaking and entering in the daytime with intent to commit a felony, 2 counts of larceny from a building, 1 count of wanton destruction of property.  To the best of our knowledge Bourque was already being held on $10,000 cash bail as the result of the Medfield arrest.

The investigation remains ongoing as to gathering further evidence for prosecution as well as identifying the accomplice believed to be with Bourque.

Robert G. Stein October 10, 2012 at 01:24 AM
I would like to know the name of the officer who wrote down that license plate number. That is an incredible story of great police work. We all should be proud of our police officers.


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