Assessor's Office to be Completing Inspections in Upcoming Weeks

As part of state mandate, the Town Assessor's office will be conducting interior inspections.

The town assessor's office will be conducting home inspections. (File Photo)
The town assessor's office will be conducting home inspections. (File Photo)
Any Sudbury resident who hasn't recently had their home inspected, or anyone who has had recent work done on their property will likely soon receive a visit from the Town Assessors' Office in the upcoming weeks.

According to information on the Town of Sudbury website, state mandate requires that over a 10-year period, the Town Assessors are required to complete inspections of every property in town through a cyclical property inspection program.

As a result, residents who have not recently had their property inspected, anyone who has had ongoing building permit activity ongoing or anyone who recently had building permit completed will likely receive a visit from someone with the Sudbury Assessors.

The inspection process includes verifying measurements inside the home, and retrieving data elements at the home.

"Please keep in mind that a property inspection is clearly the most assured means to achieving an accurate, equitable property assessment," the town said.

Anyone with questions can contact the Town Assessors at (978) 639-3395, or email gerryc@sudbury.ma.us.


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