Bedford Company Tasked to Fix State Health Insurance Site

The news that only one person is reviewing the site does not please some critics.

Massachusetts Health Connector.
Massachusetts Health Connector.

Bedford-based MITRE Corp. is looking to find fixes to the Massachusetts Health Connector website, which has been having technical problems since the implementation of Obamacare.

The nonprofit government contractor said one employee has been assigned to review because “that’s what was necessary for the work,” according to MITRE spokeswoman Lauren Libitz , which was reported by the Boston Herald.

The news that only one person is reviewing the site does not please some critics.

“Given the short time period for the report you would want a whole team of people looking at different angles, from the application process to the payment process,” Joshua Archambault, director of health care policy at the Pioneer Institute, told the Herald. “I don’t think it’s comprehensive enough. In other states, they have over a dozen people coming in to look at many different layers of their exchange and what has gone wrong.”

State officials blamed contractor CGI, which designed the website, for the problems. 

The Boston Globe reported that the changes have locked out users and given users error messages. The issues have caused some without insurance or needing to file paper forms to remain insured.

The Globe estimates more than 24,000 Bay Staters needed to turn to paper to keep insurance.

MITRE is expected to release a report by Friday on the website.

Read the full Boston Herald report here.


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