DISCUSSION: Which Town Election Race Are You Most Interested In?

One seat is up for the Board of Selectmen and Sudbury Public Schools Committee, but does another race pique your interest?

Annual Town Election is a little more than two months away (March 25).

Fifteen positions are available this year:

  • Board of Selectmen - One 3-year term
  • Board of Assessors - One 3-year term
  • Goodnow Library Trustee - Two 3-year terms
  • Board of Health - One 3-year term
  • Park & Recreation Commission - Two 3-year terms
  • Park & Recreation Commission - Two 2-year terms
  • Planning Board - Two 3-year terms
  • Sudbury School Committee - One 3-year term
  • Sudbury Housing Authority - One 5-year term
  • Included as part of the Annual Town Election, will be an election of two members for three years each to the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional District School Committee.

Of all the races, which are you most interested in?

Tell us in the comments section below.


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