LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Give Haarde a Chance

Resident Siobhan Hullinger says Selectman Bob Haarde should be the current chairman.

Selectman Haarde was passed over for Chair of the BOS at this past Town Meeting much to the astonishment of many. It is, without a doubt, an action that exemplifies the ethics of Selectmen O'Brien and Drobinski. 

In the May 11, 2011, edition of the Sudbury Town Crier online edition, the following quote was printed: “It’s tradition after each Town Meeting to elect the senior member of the board who is running for re-election,” said John Drobinski, the previous chairman.

Chair O'Brien stipulates that Selectman Haarde did not make a compelling case. Where was the case made for O'Brien? Where was the case made for any senior member? Why is it that tradition was broken?  Why is it that tradition seems to be broken only for Selectman Haarde?  

Since Selectman Haarde was/is vice chair, why was he denied? Selectman Haarde has taken the high road during his service and he is the only one looking out for the good of the Sudbury as a whole. 

I applaud his integrity, ethics and morals and only wish the other seated members could rise to his standard.   


Siobhan Hullinger

Washington Drive


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