LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Siena Farms Supports Preservation of Pantry Brook Farm

Resident and farm owner Chris Kurth urges residents to attend and vote at Annual Town Meeting.

As a Sudbury native and farmer/owner of Siena Farms, a 50-acre vegetable farm here in North Sudbury, I am writing to passionately encourage every voting town resident to come to Town Meeting next week to raise their hand in support of the permanent preservation of Pantry Brook Farm (Article 30). 

Preserving farmland preserves – and creates – farming. Indeed, there would be no Siena Farms if not for the devoted work of the Sudbury community over the last half-century in preserving some of its most productive farmland, as the majority of our annual cropping occurs on protected farmland here in Sudbury.  As a result, we are able to grow fresh organic food to serve a 500-member CSA community, as well as area farmers’ markets and restaurants, including my wife Ana Sortun’s Cambridge eateries Oleana and Sofra.

The fertile loam soils and exquisite agricultural landscape of Pantry Brook Farm arguably comprise the single most valuable farm property anywhere in the greater Sudbury River Valley – and certainly in our town of Sudbury. At a point in history when every opportunity for farmland preservation should be vigorously pursued from a global perspective, the fields of Pantry Brook Farm, once preserved, will enable farmers to grow food here in Sudbury long after all of us are gone – indeed, for generations of generations. The townsfolk who have brought this opportunity to vote this spring deserve our deepest gratitude – and now it’s our turn to bring it home at Town Meeting. See you there!

Chris Kurth,

4 Puffer Lane




pmotw May 05, 2012 at 05:39 PM
I'm all for preserving the land. However, this is nothing short of the town subsidizing farmers. If the local government is now or has been in the farming business, it would be nice to know what the revenue earned for allowing farmers to use/lease the land is. Also, how is the fee for using this land determined and how was the cost to preserve it determined? Will the town pay a ransom to the next land owner who threatens to sell their land to a developer? Now that Sudbury tax payers are subsidizing farmers, what business will be next? Nursery's?
Kirsten Vandijk May 05, 2012 at 06:00 PM
I'm not quite understanding why this would equate to subsidizing farmers. This is Open Space--Green Space--being beneficially used by local citizens for the, pardon the pun, grass roots farming initiative. The land is not being developed into commercial or industrial space not is it falling pray to large scale homes or worse. Sudbury needs more of this type of activity. I just don't see any negatives here.


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