Public Hearing Slated for Proposed Sudbury Police Station

Conservation Commission will hold the hearing on Jan. 27 at the DPW building.

A design of the proposed new Sudbury police headquarters for Hudson Road. Photo courtesy Town of Sudbury
A design of the proposed new Sudbury police headquarters for Hudson Road. Photo courtesy Town of Sudbury

In accordance with the provisions of Article V(F), Section 5.C of the Town of Sudbury Bylaws (Stormwater Management); M.G.L. Chapter 131 s.40 Wetlands Protection Act; and the Sudbury Wetlands Administration Bylaw, the Conservation Commission will hold concurrent public hearings on Monday, Jan. 27, at 6:30 p.m. at the DPW Facility, 275 Old Lancaster Road, regarding an application to construct a new Police Station at 77 Hudson Road.

Work is proposed as shown on the plans entitled: “Sudbury Police Headquarters, Site Plan of Land in Sudbury MA”; Permit Set Plan sheets C1-C13; dated Jan. 3, 2014, stamped by Susan Carter, PE; and the Stormwater Drainage Analysis dated Jan. 3, 2014.

Copies of the plans and applications are available in the Conservation Office and may be inspected during regular office hours or by appointment by calling 978-440-5470. Any person interested, or wishing to be heard on the proposed application should appear at the time and place designated.

Jamon February 04, 2014 at 08:19 PM
Police Station: only 5 people work there at a time -why need a palace for these 5 people? Nest feathering, of course. A modest renovation is all that is necessary. Police officials from other towns find it unbelievable that $7.5 Million could be spent on a building that houses 5 people at any one time. How is this possible? Sudbury of course! This town will always strive to grossly overspend millions any time it can. New bathrooms (for 5 people?), expansion- all permit issues can be waived by town controlled boards – this is seriously not a problem. Why did they move fire dispatch to the police station instead of the abundantly proportioned fire dept HQ? We don't need new and expensive lockup. For the handful of annual prisoners, we can use existing facilities or other lockup facilities in towns only a few miles away at a fraction of the cost. Lecture hall for 40 people? Come on! Meeting space goes begging in town, and a police dept meeting that needs large space happens very infrequently. Further, why is the sale of the current station not in the projections to diminish the new station cost? A prime Route 20 property could sell for seven figures, and dramatically reduce taxpayer burden. If the building is so small and such an abomination (though hard to imagine that this building is too small for the handful of people there each day- in fact, it is TOO LARGE for the few people who are there each day), why would the town keep it?


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