Police Update Nobscot Neighbors on Edmands Crashes; Traffic Safety Plans

Lt. Stephen Cronin spoke with concerned Edmands Road residents about what the Framingham Police is doing to make the road safer, following a fatal crash in April and an overturned car on Father's Day.

A deadly crash in April and an overtunred car on father's Day that knocked out power to the neighborhood was the focus of Wednesday night's Nobscot Neighbors meeting at on Edmands Road.

Lt. Stephen Cronin spoke to residents about what steps were being taken to address the situation.

The police department visited several Metrowest area roads to ask about traffic calming devices that could be implemented on Edmands Road.

Unfortunately, Edmands is very unique and hard to compare with other roads, said Cronin.

Old County Road in Lincoln is similar to Edmands and has speed bumps to slow down motorists, he said. Framingham Polcie took photos of the road and shared them with engineers for consideration. However, it may be unwise to model Edmands, after Old County because Edmands is a much busier road, he said.

A speed trailer was posted on Edmands Road this week, but this is only an education tool. It only records motorists’ speeds for data collection purposes, Cronin said.

Current data shows the average motorist travels on Edmands Road at a speed of 37 mph. Statistically, this means that speed limit on the road should be raised but this proposal would be highly unpopular, said Cronin.

Despite fatal crash in April and the Father's Day crash reported on Edmands, the road still has relatively low reported collision rates compared to other major intersections in town such as Prospect Street and Rt. 9 or Downtown Crossing, explained Cronin. This means Framingham Police need to delegate their limited resources to areas with higher collision rate intersections.

Edmands Road residents are concerned motorists will not drive slower, unless some strict punitive repercussions are put in place.

While Cronin said police resources are stretched thin, speed limit enforcement on Edmands Road has been up dramatically since last year with 140 citations in the last six weeks compared to 30 in all of 2011.

Other states are known for using speeding and red light cameras to catch motorists but Massachusetts legislatures have consistently been against them stating the cameras violate personal liberties, said Cronin.

At this time, the most practical and cost-effective way to handle the traffic situation on Edmands is to educate drivers about problematic terrain of the road and the importance of staying alert whilst behind the wheel.

“Enforcement isn’t going to get us there alone,” said Cronin.

The driver that caused the was 20 years old as was the passenger and both of them were from Marlborough, said Cronin.

The driver is being charged with operating a vehicle to a danger among other charges, Cronin told residents.

Drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the accident, said Cronin “it was clearly excessive speed."

Edmands Road residents, at the meeting, complained that debris from Sunday's crash is still at the crash site and is supposed to be picked up by the towing company.

Verizon and NSTAR had to respond because the car hit a utility pole. Trees around the area had to be cut down for safety reasons as well.

The driver is expected to pay the town for all property damages, said Cronin.



Brenda Crawshaw June 21, 2012 at 01:56 PM
How about some driving skills improvement? No one ever mentions this as a solution but it is the ONLY long-term, guaranteed solution. People are constantly over the line through either their inability to control their vehicle, sheer laziness or being distracted. Almost no one uses their signals and tailgating and aggressive maneuvers are an everyday issue. People have no knowledge of their vehicles' braking distances, acceleration limits nor where their cars end. A far more rigorous educational system and tougher licensing parameters - and repeat driving tests every few years! - would go farther into saving lives than removable speed bumps, which present other hazards.
Jay Allen June 21, 2012 at 02:55 PM
Hmm...I'm not well versed on the preservation requirements of historic roads...but I'd be interested to know if the road could be widened while still maintaining the scenic beauty of the area. Surely, there is a balance between historic preservation and safety.
Joanne June 21, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Every time my husband wants to go o the Marlborough area, he likes to use this road. I beg him not to...I hate it! We see bikers..we see runners and walkers..the road itself and watever activity is on it freaks me out!!! And i would never EVER use that road it night!!!! It is just so dangerous!!!
Heidi Zizza June 28, 2012 at 03:14 PM
I live on Winch St off of Edmands Rd and this is ongoing problem. There simply is NO ROOM for a pedestrian or bicycle if 2 cars are on the road. In the Winter it is even worse especially if a school bus is coming. Pedestrians and those on bikes really should bike or walk elsewhere, we have a lovely park at callahan to do both.
Susin Carlson July 01, 2012 at 01:39 AM
I gave up walking at Callahan when a dog jumped up on me while it's owner stood talking with another dog owner. Not fun. As to biking? If you want an off road experience, sure, but not everyone wants to do that. I live on Edmands and I really would rather not drive my van to go and take a walk. My son likes to ride his bike to his friends houses, again would rather not have to drive his bike half way there. If drivers follow the speed limit, there is plenty of time to see a walker or biker and move accordingly. I know this because I do drive the speed limit and have had no problem sharing the road. I do like the idea of removable speed bumps...even if only temporarily just to send the message.


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