Residents, ZBA Members Go 'Batty' Wednesday Night Over Unwelcomed Visitor

A bat flies into Town Hall, disrupting the discussion over Johnson Farm.

While the Sudbury Zoning Board of Appeals debated the controversial issue of the Johnson Farm housing development at Wednesday night, there was one issue on which there was 100 percent agreement from everyone in the room - the medium-size bat that flew into the meeting was most unwelcome.  

"Eww, that's a bat, a bat in the room," exclaimed Board Chair Elizabeth Quirk, interrupting a Board member's monologue about the Johnson Farm project.   Residents dove for cover as the bat flew back and forth across the room for several minutes, while a few of the board members tried various methods to try to get the bat to fly out the door.  

"Time to go, buddy," one Board member said, trying to use a pad of paper to push the bat toward the door.  

The bat finally flew outside, much to the relief of everyone in the room.  

"That was like a nightmare," one woman said. "That would have been more appropriate for a historical commission meeting, not zoning," one Board member joked.  

A photo of the offending visitor is not available, as this Sudbury Patch reporter was busy diving for cover and forgot to take pictures. 


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