Assistant Superintendent Leaving Sudbury for Private Sector

Todd Curtis will be leaving Sudbury Public Schools effective July 1.

Todd Curtis will be leaving Sudbury Public Schools on July 1. (File Photo)
Todd Curtis will be leaving Sudbury Public Schools on July 1. (File Photo)
The recently announced retirement of Nixon Elementary School principal Joni Jay isn't the only change coming within Sudbury Public Schools.

Last month during her budget presentation, Superintendent of Schools Anne Wilson announced that effective July 1, Assistant Superintendent of Schools Todd Curtis will join the private sector as Education and Curriculum Specialist for a software company. The announcement is available on the district website.

"This wasn’t something I imagined and I wasn’t seeking to leave SPS," said Curtis in a letter to staff members, according to Wilson. "In fact, there was a superintendent opening right next door to my hometown this spring. I didn’t pursue it, in large part because I have been excited by the work I have been doing in Sudbury."

Wilson said that Curtis has been key in working with staff around the district on professional development and the implementation of the Common Core curriculum and the enhancement of instructional technology.

Prior to being hired in Sudbury, Curtis was the principal at Floral Street Elementary School in Shrewsbury.

“This has been a complicated and unexpected decision, but one that represents a unique opportunity for my family, and for me as a husband, father, and as an educator," said Curtis in his letter to staff members.

SudburyCOP March 02, 2014 at 06:41 PM
Wow one month too late. Great reporting! Hopefully he takes the inappropriate pictures down that he posted on twitter! Sudbury needs Robert Fucci back. The Patch is a joke now!
john baranowsky March 02, 2014 at 08:07 PM
Didn't this happen already? My God.
Matt Schooley March 03, 2014 at 05:11 AM
Hi guys. This was something a reader had asked me if I could post about since they had heard something about it but hadn't ready about it yet. So I wanted to get it on the site, even though it happened a bit ago. Feel free to reach out if there's anything you'd like to see on the site. My email is matthew.schooley@patch.com. Hope you had a great weekend!


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