SPS Committee Stands Strong in Supporting Superintendent

During Wednesday night's meeting, Chairman Rich Robison read a statement, stating the Committee as a whole has confidence in Anne Wilson.

Sudbury Public Schools Committee has taken the wrath of parents who children's school year was interrupted

But despite the constant pressure from parents, the Committee has stayed strong in its stance of refusing to comment on personnel matters and have backed its superintendent.

At the end of Wednesday night's meeting, Robison read a statement to those remaining, in which the Committee has full confidence in Wilson.

Below is an unedited copy of the statement Robison submitted to Sudbury Patch:

The Sudbury Public School committee wishes to express its unreserved support for Dr. Anne Wilson as Superintendent of the Sudbury Public Schools. Recent developments at the Noyes School have resulted in a petition being circulated in the local media which contains partial, misleading information and does not paint a complete or accurate picture of all events surrounding Dr. Wilson’s job performance.

In April 2012, the SPS Committee completed its annual review of Dr. Wilson's first year as Superintendent of SPS and concluded that Sudbury Public Schools is fortunate to have Dr. Wilson as its leader. We stand by that statement. While recent events have been difficult for many, Dr. Wilson has in our opinion discharged her duties in good faith, according to the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in a professional manner. We are committed to working with Dr. Wilson to move our district forward.

Any questions concerning this matter may be referred to Richard Robison, Chairperson Sudbury School Committee.

The following unedited statement was read by Dr. Wilson:

"As superintendent, my 1st priority is to ensure the education, safety and well-being of all students in the Sudbury Public Schools. We have high standards for every adult in our system and we are fortunate to have so many dedicated and highly effective professionals who meet and exceed these high standards, every day, in every class, for every child.

Recently there has been media attention, rumors and statements, and tonight a petition from members of our school community as a result of a personnel matter. As I have previously stated, school administrators are required to protect the confidentiality of personnel matters and cannot, by law disclose these matters or any circumstances surrounding them.  We also cannot correct misinformation about a personnel matter in the media or in the public in general.

As the superintendent of schools, I have and always will place the best interests of students first.  When the school district receives a complaint about the conduct of an employee, we take immediate steps to ensure the safety and well-being of students and we do a thorough investigation into the reported conduct.  I will always take immediate and corrective action when a report is brought to my attention that impacts the safety or well-being of students.  

When it comes to the safety and well-being of our students, no one is exempted from meeting the high standards of conduct that we have in Sudbury.  Although it may be easier or less controversial to lower standards or take minimal action where student safety/well-being is concerned, I will never lower our standards or put the best interests of students below any other interest in the system.

Concern has been expressed regarding a teacher's ability to break up a fight.  No teacher has been or will be disciplined for breaking up a fight.  And to clarify, again, there was no fight between students and no report of a fight between students was made to the administration.

It is admirable and understandable that there is so much support for employees who have served our district for many years - this is very much deserved.  This support is welcomed and appreciated by me and the SPS administration.  However, all employees are expected to maintain our high standards for compliance with policies and standards of conduct whether a first year teacher or a veteran of many years. Every child deserves to be in a classroom where our high standards are maintained every day and we as a district are fortunate to have so many excellent educators who meet these standards every day for every child."



Andy G. June 25, 2012 at 02:18 AM
Skim: Lincoln will never agree to consolidate their K-8 with ours to create a fully integrated K-12, that is what I was referring to. One reason I believe they would never consolidate is that they would most likely need to add they $20 million or so they from the federal government to educate kids residing in Hanscom to the collective pot. Please note I am not positive about this last piece; nonetheless, as stated before, I do not see them participating in such an arrangement.
noyes parent June 25, 2012 at 03:22 AM
Suechap.....on my children, completely false.....completely!
Deanna Clarance June 27, 2012 at 08:14 PM
To Noyes Parent & Anyone else w/same issue: I don't think anyone is saying to ignore the law. Until the last meeting when the petition was announced and the info on the filing of & then dismissal of the questionnable 51A, the main issue w/the parents at Noyes was that of policies & procedures around the handling of the questionning of 6/7 year olds and the entire communication chain to the parents of room 15. The superintendent and school committee continue to lump these issues in as a "personnel issue" thereby not having to address them. That has been the main frustration w/the administration. NOW, however, the unwaivering support of the school committee in the face of some very damaging info is the source of concern. Understandable that AT the meeting, they said nothing & lent their support given they weren't prepared. But turning what appears to be a blind eye to the requests by the tax payers to look into this situation, and just giving us all the cold shoulder while continuing to say that everything is misleading isn't constructive for our school system.
Deanna Clarance June 27, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Mrs. J is reluctant to speak publically because the attorney for the superintendent (or school committe, or town, whoever she works for) has made it very clear that things like that will not help her in her negotiations with them. The administration is holding her reputation, her job, her pension, and her benefits over her head. At 68 years old, would you throw all that out to the discretion of public whim?
Ann Hesenius August 21, 2012 at 07:20 PM
As one who has known Janice Donahue since teaching with her in the late 1960's, and who has followed her admirable career and personal accomplishments for over 40 years, I can only say that this whole situation is an unbelievable travesty of justice regarding an outstanding professional educator. It is truly a black mark on the town of Sudbury in toto - due to the egregious actions and attitudes of Supt. Wilson and Ms. Doyle - as well as arguably incompetent representation by counsel from the MA Teachers Association. It is all quite beyond disgraceful, actually - and astounding that a simple issue was so utterly mishandled. I would issue a word of caution to any educators now teaching, or thinking of any future teaching, in Sudbury to become fully acquainted with what really occurred in this ugly situation; the handwriting is clear.


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