Statement from Lincoln-Sudbury on the Newtown School Shooting

The following is an email forwarded to Sudbury Patch.

Like you, I read with great sadness the news reports as they came out from Sandy Hook Elementary School. My heart goes out to the families and the educators in this Connecticut community.

Nearly six years after the senseless tragedy at Lincoln-Sudbury, time is slowly masking the pain of loss, but events like today remind me that some wounds never fully heal. Today educators and public safety officials across our nation are grimly reminded that we must constantly be reassessing plans and preparedness, asking and practicing responses to “what if” questions.

At Lincoln-Sudbury, we continue to do the same. As a school we practiced a lockdown drill last year with students, and we continually work with the Sudbury and Lincoln Police Departments to be both proactive and prepared. In the intervening six years, one fact has helped me put senselessness violence into context -- schools are the safest places for our kids.

This fact has been reiterated in nationwide studies, but sadly for one school this wasn't the case today. The families and community impacted will be in our thoughts.

As we spend this weekend with our children, I would encourage you to talk with your teens about keeping schools safe and hope they will share their ideas with Lincoln-Sudbury administrators. Let us also be reminded of how precious each day is.


Scott Carpenter Superintendent/Principal


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