Sudbury Public Schools Committee Previews FY14 Budget

Members of the Sudbury Public School Committee are getting their first look at a $37.5 million dollar budget for Fiscal Year 2014.

Members of the Sudbury Public School Committee are in the early stages of reviewing the FY14 roll-up budget, which was presented by Finance and Business Director Mary Will at their Wednesday night meeting at the Senior Center.

The FY14 budget is tentatively set at $37.5 million, as compared with $36.5 million in FY13 and $35 million in FY12.  Some of the important factors in the budget are still unknown, Will said.

The budget includes net salaries of $24.6 million for administrators, teachers and staff in Sudbury’s elementary and middle schools. Teacher salary figures included $2.9 million at Noyes Elementary, $2 million at Nixon Elementary, $2 million at Haynes Elementary, $2.7 million at Loring Elementary, and $5.5 million at Curtis Middle School. Administrative salaries came in at $846,000.  Other salaries are paid to non-teaching staff, nurses and custodians.

Other costs in the budget included maintenance, supplies, transportation and all the everyday expenses associated with the education of just over three thousand students in a community that invests heavily in its public schools.

“Dealing with the wireless infrastructure at the middle school is a top priority.  That needed to happen yesterday,” said Superintendent Anne Wilson about the key items in the budget. “The wireless infrastructure is a must-have.”

“I think we need some time to digest this budget,” said Committee Chair Richard Robison. “But at first blush, it does seem to be very close to our previous projections.”

Meetings and hearings on the FY14 budget will continue, with enrollment playing a significant factor.

siobhan hullinger December 14, 2012 at 12:10 PM
Where can we see this budget? I have not been able to find it on the web site.


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