Sudbury Schools Announce Changes After Undercooked Chicken Incident

No sick students have been reported.

Eight days after students were fed undercooked chicken during lunch, Sudbury Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Anne Wilson emailed a release detailing changes that will be made to prevent the incident from happening again.

"The safety of our students is a top priority at SPS ..." Wilson said in the email.  "Today, Mary Will, SPS Director of Business and Finance, Bob Leupold, Sudbury Board of Health, and I met with Eric Pimental, Regional VP from Chartwells and Erin Long, Regional Support Manager from Chartwells. As a result of our meeting, the following steps will be taken (in addition to the enhanced monitoring by SPS and Sudbury Board of Health that I detailed in my previous message)."

Effective Monday, Feb. 27, Wilson said there would be a change in the kitchen manager position at Nixon until a new, permanent manager is hired and trained.
"Ms. Wendy Bonnell, Chartwells SPS Food Service Director, will be on site at Nixon to serve as Kitchen Manager, as necessary," Wilson said. "Ms. Bonnell also will provide direct oversight during the transition period when the new manager is hired. We will receive documentation regarding the training and experience of the new employee."

Wilson also said the six boxes of the "uncooked" chicken purchased for SPS and delivered to Nixon (one box) and (five boxes) have been pulled from the shelves and will not be used
Among the other changes are Chartwells will develop and implement a protocol for labeling all uncooked products, and will provide increased frequency of food safety training from once per week to twice per week for all kitchen staff members. 

"We will receive documentation of the specific training through monthly written reports," Wilson said.
Wilson also said as of today there have been no reports of sick students as a result of eating the undercooked chicken. 

"However, we consider this to be a very serious incident that should not have happened and we are working closely with Chartwells as well as providing additional oversight to insure that a similar incident does not happen in the future," Wilson added.

Virginia Creese February 25, 2012 at 02:50 PM
Is anyone that works at the school's kitchen ServeSafe Certified? Do they know that chicken has to be temped out of the oven at 165 degrees and held at at least 140 degrees for service? EVERYONE in any professional kitchen knows this.
tiredofsudbury March 01, 2012 at 02:52 PM
the ladies that were in the kitchen for 20+ years were servesafe certified......chartswells may not be and that is what you get for $10 an hour...people who are not trained and people who do not care.
forthquarter May 22, 2012 at 04:50 PM
As I am sure you have seen on the SPS website, at least one or more workers in each SPS kitchen are ServeSafe certified. There is no excuse for this. This was a horrible mistake, one which certainly didn’t come about due to the salary of the kitchen workers. Do you need an inflated salary to work hard and act in a responsible manner? I am glad to see in the article above that Chartwells continues to offer further training and updated policy, including proper labeling of all products coming into the kitchen. Hooray for the lunch ladies (and lunch gentlemen) for working hard for our children! Education does not stop during the lunch break. Has SPS continued to provide oversight? Are they working to provide safe whole meals based on health of our children and not just a business model?
Sudburytoo May 22, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Didn't we already talk too much about chickens at Town Meeting?


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