Technology, Budget Take the Lead at L-S Committee Meeting

Also discussed were possible adjustments to the softball field.

A rundown on uses of technology in the classroom were among agenda items discussed by administrators during the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School Committee meeting on Tuesday.

Principal/Superintendent Scott Carpenter spoke of teachers using wikis, or sites that allow any visitor to contribute and make changes to a page, in their instruction. Also in progress is an iPad pilot program that 20 teachers are currently participating in.

Carpenter also expressed concern over future technology upgrades, specifically the wireless network, which could cost up to $660,000 to update.

"Those are the capital expenses we the district have to keep an eye on," he said, adding that the update isn't in the plans for the next five years.

The Committee also voted to approve the highest possible, or roll-out budget, for fiscal year 2013, which will allow for additions to the budget while state and local aid is being decided. The approved budget was approximately $25.4 million.

"Things are in flux," said Judy Belliveau, the committee's director of finance and operations.

In the next committee meeting, scheduled for Feb. 28, a report will be heard regarding the school's softball fields by parent volunteers and other supporters of the softball team. Those concerned have expressed a desire to re-level the field and to provide adequate lighting and irrigation.

A revised donation and fundraising policy is also set to be voted on in sometime in the next month, according to Committee Chair Nancy Marshall. The purpose of revising the policy is to better track funds that come into the school, per audit recommendations.

Additionally, a vote was taken at the meeting to adopt the surplus property policy, which entails the handling of property no longer in use.

GrumpyBastd February 20, 2012 at 06:01 AM
If LS is seriously thinking about spending $600K on upgrading the existing wireless network within the school buildings....l have a bridge that they might be very interested in buying. Either this is very irresponsible journalism, or the individuals who are presenting and assessing capital proposals need to be flogged.


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